At Domfile, we are passionate about finishing and distribution systems. We have been serving our exceptional customers for decades! Our skills extend to all aspects of building a high quality, personalized product. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs and requirements of our customers and finding a solution to every problem encountered.

Our values

Open communication




Our mission

We aim to optimize the functionality of any system and improve its efficiency. Our functional and technical know-how, combined with our practical experience, allow us to provide efficient and professional services.


Our goal is to exceed the expectations of each of our customers by providing exceptional customer service, increased flexibility and greater value.

The Domfile guarantee

  • We work in partnership with designers and printers;

  • We offer very competitive prices and prompt delivery;

  • We deliver our projects on time;

  • We are conveniently located in the heart of Montreal, which is close to a large number of printers and the business community of the city and nearby areas;

  • We can help you plan your project and maintain the budget;

  • We can inform you about the profitability of the project, even before it starts.

Answers to your questions

Many wonder about the work we do. We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions for you.

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